About Us

Committed to provide quality Pest Control and Sanitization services for healthier premises

  • We are one of the Trusted Brand By Doctors and serving the nation for a decade.
  • We have left our footprint in major brands in the city by fulfilling our commitments.
  • We also have taken part rather we are continuously taking part in social activities as well.
  • Safety is our priority. Hence we follow stringent safe protocols during the execution process.
  • We use Safe, Environment-Friendly, Non-Polluting, Odour-free insecticides recommended by BIS.
  • We don’t believe that pest control is only about spraying chemicals. Hence changing the habit of traditional pest control measures.
  • We provide customer support with Advanced CRM.
  • We are committed to set new benchmarks in Integrated Pest Management Services by delivering a combination of innovative, Environment-Friendly and effective solutions for managing pests and eliminating health and property hazards.